Test piece "Ideology"

The test piece „Ideology“ for category 2 „Solo chromatic with test piece“ is now available.


We are very happy to have been able to commission talented young composer Mr. Cy Leo from Hong Kong to write the test piece for the World Harmonica Festival 2017. More information about Cy Leo can be found >> here.

To give all entrants in this category the opportunity for optimal preparation, an MP3 file of the playback (piano accompaniment only) to the test piece "Ideology" can be downloaded free of charge. The appropriate link can be found in the score.


Extract from the composition:

click on the pictures to enlarge.

Excerpt of test piece "Ideology" part 1
MP3 Audio Datei 792.6 KB
Excerpt of test piece "Ideology" part 2
MP3 Audio Datei 489.3 KB

The test Piece "Ideology" is now available!

Please notice

A number of minor errors have unfortunately found their way into the printed score for the test piece:

In bars 38, 54 and 110 the correct notes are in the middle of the triplet are Db and Ab. The score mistakenly specifies Db and Bb.

The half note on beat 3 in these bars consists of the notes A and F.

We request you to bear this in mind when rehearsing the composition.

Thank you for your understanding.